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Fitzy’s Serve up Warm Treat

Enjoy a delicious Rag Pudding at Fitzy's Restaurant at the Higher Trapp Hotel near Padiham and they’ll donate £1 to Rosemere for every pudding they sell. You can tell they're popular because over the last six months they have raised £629! If you don't know what Rag Pudding is, here's some info from the Bury Times!

New fiver

First Fiver

Have you had one of these shiny brand new fivers yet?? If so, what did you do with yours?? As they don't feel like they are real, why not donate one of your first fivers to Rosemere and help us to continue to provide world class cancer treatment and support for local cancer patients....


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Cancer Centre Information

If you are looking for information on the clinical services of the Rosemere Cancer Centre please click here. If you require urgent out-of-hours advice following recent cancer treatment please contact the Acute Oncology Helpline on 01772 523205.

Corporate giving

Supporting a local charity like the Rosemere Cancer Foundation is good for your business! Find out how your company can get involved by clicking the link below:


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My Rosemere story

image-Ben 2 cropped.jpg

I have been treated at the Rosemere Cancer Centre for almost 4 years and receive chemo every 2 weeks. I'm profoundly grateful for everything the Rosemere Cancer Foundation has done for me and my fellow patients. ...

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